Does It Slap?
a year ago

Vance Joy - Riptide

Darin and Gabe discuss the perils of the Hollywood dream, the work of post-structuralist theoretician Michel Foucault, and werewolves, all somehow in the service of discussing the inoffensive ukelele hit "Riptide" by Vance Joy.

Darin and Gabe, somewhat improbably, both think this song slaps.

Cover art by Jeremy Hammond. You can find him on twitter dot com at @jeremythunder.

Intro and outro music by New Junk City. One time when I was wearing a New Junk City shirt, a security guard stopped me and said, somewhat condescendingly, "New Junk City? Puhlease..." I still have no idea what she was getting at, but you can listen to New Junk City's music at Support their art at Puhlease.

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